Drake Magazine Cover

Wow, The cover of The Drake … I know that The Drake always beautifully captures the spirit of fly fishing and I dreamed that maybe someday a photo of mine would land on the cover this unbelievably fantastic magazine.  So much of fishing is being out with others, enjoying the time with friends and the beauty of the surroundings. Hopefully, I am able to capture some of what every angler loves about this sport.

Big thanks to Doug Barnes, Angler and Photographer, for letting me snap his pic and getting out with me!

I had no idea if people would like this pics or not, but the feedback has been great! Thanks to Nick Granato for being the Fly-Tying Freak that he is! Checkout his skills over at Fly Obsession
Drake Mag - Scuddlebutt - SpringWinter 2010

Thanks to Scott Dickey over @ Utah Fly Patterns, for getting out and hooking me up with a fantastic midge pattern last winter! What a magically beautiful day!
Drake Mag - Four Months of Flyfishing - SpringWinter 2010

Thanks to Tim Angeli over @ Fishing PhD who was kind enough to share a stunning location in Montana.
Drake Mag - Hands Photo Essay (Golden) - WinterSpring 2010

Thanks to Big Jon with Anderson and Platt Fly Fishing in Dillon MT for keepin our lines in the water!
Drake Mag - Hands Photo Essay (Big Jon) - WinterSpring 2010

If your not a Drake subscriber … Head on over and get one!

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28 Responses to Drake Magazine Cover

  1. Biggest congratulations ever Corro! That is something to truly be proud of.

  2. amazing – way to go Corey.

  3. Huge props dude!!! That is *awesome*!!

  4. congrats, man! beautiful stuff.

  5. Thanks so much everyone! I'm sooo stoked! :)

  6. That is pretty impressive Cor! Congrats. When are you going to start taking awesome pics of my kids? Okay I do have a few, but I want more.

  7. Awesome dude way to go

  8. Way to go Corey! I got mine yesterday! I like seeing the mask stuff in there too!

  9. Rich Schaaff says:

    Ya make us proud Corey…so excellent for you

  10. hell yes Cor!… this is HUGE!

  11. Congrats Corey for making on the cover of The Drake! Great photos, indeed.

  12. super corey, drake rules!

  13. Shelley Reed says:

    Corey this is great ! ! Congratulations

  14. Flies Fins says:

    "Hopefully, I am able to capture some of what every angler loves about this sport." …. Great concept with the vast wild background landscape with the solo fly fisherman beside a solo tree. Of course, nice that he's hooked up too and livin' the dream. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Lynn Scott says:

    Nice job Corey! Great capture.

  16. Jeff Nielsen says:

    It was the "Corey K" issue of Drake – cover, inside photos, complete story, cool wizard stuff. Loved it – nice work! BTW, I read this was the last print edition of it? They can't be serious!

  17. Nick Granato says:

    Corey is was a pleasure working with you, thanks a ton. But, congrats on the cover, thats huge!

  18. Paul Swint says:

    Right on Corey great work

  19. Brett Colvin says:

    I just got my issue in the mail and saw it was festooned with your work throughout. Very cool to see that many of your shots in a single issue. Nice.

  20. Wonderful shots and congratulations on the cover of a great magazine.

  21. Marc Arndt says:

    Got my Drake today, nice work, Corey.

  22. Fishing Jones says:

    Well played. Didn’t realize that was your shot when I got the magazine.

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